Apple Health Benefits For Daily Life

By | September 20, 2015
Apple Health Benefits For Daily Life And Be Safe By Doctor

“Eat an Apply daily and keeps the doctor away” is a famous saying. According to a research we can save 8500 people from all over the world dying by the problems of heart if people having 50 years old of age daily eat one apple. In Oxford University’s research it is said that an apple Invigorates the health of heart just like as an old man gets his manhood back to him. Eating an apple daily is much better than using so much expensive medicines for resolving the diseases of heart and the other thing is that medicines have side effects for health but fruits don’t have any side effect on health.
It is said on the basis of a research that every kind of fruit is beneficial but it is very difficult to convince people for regular use of them (Fruits). Through a population survey in Pakistan It has come to know that mostly the mature persons don’t take the suggestive quantities of fruits and vegetables, it is said that the 5th part of daily feed of a man should be contain on fruit and vegetables . Besides that the tissues of skin also get their food from Vitamin (A&C) present in Apple, and they grow up and repair themselves. This is the reason that we are telling you the method to prepare a wonderful mask made by Apple for applying on face.

Natural Mask Made Up Of Apple:

  • Apple : 1 (One in Quantity)
  • Water : 1/2 (Half Cup)

Method & Instructions:

Cut The Apple into small pieces and boil it in water at light heat provided. It causes softness of Apple and now it will be dissolved into water. Now turn the stove off and let the mixture be cooled. The mixture should be in form of a paste. Now apply this paste on your face and wash your face after 15 minutes. Use this Paste Once in a week, by doing this your face will get necessary Vitamins, Secondly the damaged tissues of your face will be repaired due to which your face will get some extra glow and beauty.

Apple Health Benefits

The Saying” Daily use of An Apple keeps you away from Doctor” is more effective and truthful for the people who are above 50 years of age and are in danger of different kinds of heart diseases. It is very useful to eat a fruit daily to maintain the level of Cholesterol in blood of old age people, and if that fruit could be an Apple then it will be the best for you. According to research where we could save the lives of 9500 people who were facing the difficulties of heart diseases using much expensive and effective medicine like Statins, on other hand 8500 people survived by the same disease by eating only an Apple daily. So this was the reason that in the Era of Queen Victoria people were suggested for common health in very clear and simple words and they were very right in their suggestion that” Eating daily an Apple keeps you away from Doctor. So eat an Apple daily.